1,000 Club


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The limitless passion already shown by amazing Jersey Bulls fans is helping us redraw the English football map. The momentum is incredible, and if you want to be ‘in’ right from the start, there’s no better way than grabbing your 1,000 Club Ticket.

Do your bit to #BackTheBulls, funding our fledgling club and gaining the chance to win brilliant cash prizes every month!

How it works

Each month, we draw three winning tickets at random, with maximum prizes of up to £250 (3rd prize – minimum £50), £750 (2nd prize – minimum £150), and £1,500 (1st prize – minimum £300). Simply buy a ticket to be ‘in it to win it’. Thank you!

Over 18’s only

Previous Winners

August Draw:

1st      #261     £669
2nd     #453     £334
3rd      #133     £112

July Draw:

1st      #385     £635
2nd     #074     £317
3rd      #139     £106

June Draw:
1st      #066     £612
2nd     #105     £306
3rd      #350     £102

May Draw:
1st      #013     £582
2nd     #272     £291
3rd      #084     £97

April Draw:
1st      #112     £556
2nd     #126     £278
3rd      #325     £93

March Draw:
1st      #126     £511
2nd     #131     £256
3rd      #81       £66


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Our digital partner WeDigital

We’re very thankful for the kind assistance of local creative agency WeDigital, Jersey Bulls’ digital partner. Partnering with WeDigital means we can help our fans get closer than ever to the Bulls, whether they can get to matches or not. It also provides us with critical external support and expertise needed to secure the long-term commercial prospects of the club.