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The limitless passion already shown by amazing Jersey Bulls fans is helping us redraw the English football map. The momentum is incredible, and if you want to be ‘in’ right from the start, there’s no better way than grabbing your 1,000 Club Ticket.

Do your bit to #BackTheBulls, funding our fledgling club and gaining the chance to win brilliant cash prizes every month!

Please note tickets must be collected at the Ticket Office on match days. Proof of ID will be required upon ticket collection to ensure that tickets are only sold to those over 18 years of age. Winnings will not be paid out until proof of age has been established, so please do not try to enter if you are under-18!  Sadly due to Jersey gambling laws, this is now only open to Jersey residents. 

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How it works

Each month, we draw three winning tickets at random, with maximum prizes of up to £250 (3rd prize – minimum £50), £750 (2nd prize – minimum £150), and £1,500 (1st prize – minimum £300). Simply buy a ticket to be ‘in it to win it’. Thank you!

Must be over the age of 18

Further Information

Tickets cost just £5 per month. 50% of all money raised is paid out in prizes, with the remainder going towards the running costs of the Club. The prize draw takes place at the monthly Members meeting, with winning numbers announced on Facebook, Twitter and on the Jersey Bulls website ( Winners will also be contacted directly to ensure that nobody misses out.

Supporters may purchase as many numbers as they wish, allocated on a first come, first served basis. Each number costs £5 per month. Applicants must be aged 18 years and over. The 1000 club draw season runs from February to March. Tickets are to be purchased annually in advance at a cost of £50, covering 10 draws. However, if you have missed the first draw, you can enter on a pro-rata basis, paying £45 for 9 draws or £30 for 6 draws, etc.

With 50% of all receipts going towards prizes, the more members, the greater the prize pot. Prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd number drawn each month. The club guarantees minimum prizes for each draw as follows:

By order: Percentage of Prize Pot Awarded To Each Place, Minimum Prize (guaranteed by the club), Potential Maximum Prize should all 1,000 tickets be sold.

1st      60%     £300    £1,500
2nd     20%     £150    £750
3rd      10%     £50      £250

Tickets can either be purchased from our website (www.bulls,je ) or by e-mailing your name, address and telephone number to If purchasing by mail, you will need to arrange to transfer your £60 annual subscription to the following account:

Account Name: Jersey Bulls Football Club Limited

Sort Code: 60-12-03

Account Number: 27544001

Please include your name in the payment instruction. This will allow us to allocate you a 1,000-club number which will be confirmed to you by e-mail. This mail will also confirm the date of the first draw that you will be entered for.

If you have any queries, please contact our Jersey Bulls 1,000 Club Promoter at

We promise to comply with all Data Protection Act requirements and protect your personal data. Please see our Facebook page for details of our privacy policy.

Previous Winners

June 2021:

1st    037    £300
2nd   134    £150
3rd    055    £50

July Draw 2020:

1st    #775    £489
2nd   #204    £244
3rd    #032    £82

June Draw 2020:

1st     #294  £489
2nd    #032  £244
3rd     #291    £82

May Draw 2020:

1st     #060     £481
2nd    #705     £241
3rd    #751       £80

April Draw 2020:

1st      #277     £475
2nd     #405     £238
3rd      #043       £79

February Draw 2020:

1st      #132
2nd     #487
3rd      #270

January Draw 2020:

1st      #284
2nd     #217
3rd      #209

December Draw 2019:

1st      #106
2nd     #500
3rd      #234

November Draw 2019:

1st      #036
2nd     #129
3rd      #523

October Draw 2019:

1st      #069
2nd     #097
3rd      #367

September Draw 2019:

1st      #077
2nd     #500
3rd      #138

August Draw 2019:

1st      #261     £669
2nd     #453     £334
3rd      #133     £112

July Draw 2019:

1st      #385     £635
2nd     #074     £317
3rd      #139     £106

June Draw 2019:
1st      #066     £612
2nd     #105     £306
3rd      #350     £102

May Draw 2019:
1st      #013     £582
2nd     #272     £291
3rd      #084     £97

April Draw 2019:
1st      #112     £556
2nd     #126     £278
3rd      #325     £93

March Draw 2019:
1st      #126     £511
2nd     #131     £256
3rd      #81       £66